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Daily Bull 5.6.14

Sean Gardner

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WAFFLE WIRE. Okay, we think this may be the most perfect Waffle House crime to date. It's got all you could ask for:

  • weapon was a pitchfork
  • robber took entire cash register
  • employees used pitchfork to break his truck window after he'd dropped it
  • he is still at large

(*No one was hurt, by the way.) Don't hesitate to watch the video, either. The reporter does some energetic re-enacting of the entire ordeal. This is worth a whole plate of waffles, with hash browns, bacon, and limitless coffee. Special thanks to reader Mark in NC for the heads-up on this one.

DRAFTDRAFTDRAFT. That thing where NFL teams decide which college players they spend millions of dollars on is almost upon us. Here is Ranger222's excellent breakdown of Mike Evans to get you started.

Sumlin on D. Sam Khan brings us the latest from Coach KDS. Not much new, but it does look like Deshazor will be starting the season at corner as he practiced there exclusively all Spring. We already know he can play safety if needed. He could probably play linebacker if needed, but let's hope it doesn't get to that point.