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Daily Bull 5.5.14

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Well HOT DAMN. There was some excellent baseball played this weekend at Olsen, folks. It started out Friday night with the close loss in extra innings on this piece of LSU magic. The Ags went on to win Saturday 3-2 and yesterday 4-3. All three games were on the ESPN family. I caught some of yesterday's game and it was like a commercial for A&M: talking about the Kyle Field renovation and interviewing Daniel Mengden about his mustache (and Aggieland). The series win over the #6 team in the country will help the post-season resume, but plenty more on that later from the expert.

And there were waffles. Senor cuppington used his Waffle House care package for the better on Saturday, churning out dozens of authentic waffles at the GBH shindig. No word on whether or not batter was Octobonged, but some of the photos I saw were a bit disturbing.

It's that time of year. That magical week full of eloquence whereby shock jocks bemoan the inexcusable shortcomings of college kids they've never met. DRAFT WEEK. Here's the main hub on the mothership to stay plugged in, but of course we'll have our own super-special content coming soon.

Why not? "Let's just do one more Johnny Football thing," said ESPN.