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Daily Bull 5.30.14

He looked down into her brown eyes, Said, " Say a prayer for me." She threw her arms around him, Whispered, "God will keep us free." They could hear the riders comin, He said, "This is my last fight. If they take me back to Texas, They won't take me back alive." - Less than 13 weeks until football. Until then, sticks and seams and beating sips

Stephen Dunn

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Jugamos béisbol. Time to lace up the spikes, throw in a fat dip, and pray for a bench clearing brawl. The Houston Regional is here and we are playing the Horns at 3 PM Central on ESPNU. Here's what you need:

  • THE TAILGATE because THE TAILGATE. Come for the jokes, stick around for Lord of the Flies in the comments.
  • Actual baseball specifics from yawns.
  • JZ did a Q&A with those nerds from accounting at BON. He answers their queries here. They somehow make a long, slow game feel slower with the the length of their answers to Zimmerman's questions here.
  • Speaking of Zimmermann, follow the man on Twitter for rants on bunting and tutelage on how to drink beer from a stemmed glass while still maintaining your dignity.
COACH YESSIR IS HOPEFUL AND WANTS A HORN PELT. Have we ever discussed playing the Horns again? On this site? I feel like we may have once. Dunno. Anyway, Sumlin seems to want the game again.

OUR BIG BRO IN LUBBOCK IS THE COOLEST. Thanks for the solid, Kliff. We owe you one for Kyler Murray. Can you now take us backpacking in Europe and teach us how to talk to chicks? Thx.

CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA, AND TEXAS WALK INTO A BAR... Amigo Pete Volk at the mothership took a crack at All-Star teams from each of the most talent-rich states in football. The Ags get some love. Baylor gets way too much love. These are offseason things and nothing is real in the world anymore. If you've never crossed internet Florida State fans, go tango in the comments. It's like Tech, but with actual reason for grandiose, bawdy talk.

HIRE THE NUDES. God, I love Barry Switzer.

Have a great weekend, Ags. BTHOtu. We'll have a Game Thread up around 2 PM. Swing by for gifs and lulz.