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Daily Bull 5.28.14

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More hardware. Pat Henry's program continues to rack up the accolades, including SEC Coach of the Year. Nice job, Coach. SEC SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED

SEC SCHEDULIN'. So Florida coach Will Muschamp let slide yesterday that the Gators won't be scheduling any more FCS teams in the future. Is this a good idea? Do we think other SEC schools will follow suit with the playoff system now in place? Discuss.

TV schedulin'. CBS announced their first picks yesterday, along with their doubleheader date. So far the matchup at Auburn on November 8th is a pretty good bet to get picked up. Oh and it's a night game.

OH GREAT POLLS ALREADY. Completely meaningless, yet we fawn all over them here three full months before any team plays a snap. The Sproting News puts 8 SEC teams in their top 25, including the Ags at #18. And Oklahoma is #1. Okay.

Don't forget your popcorn. Kyler Murray will commit today. Kind of. Verbally. Enjoy!