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Brent Zwerneman: Myles Garrett hopes for sacks. Lots of sacks.

Myles Garrett is expected to compete for a starting spot at weakside defensive end for Texas A&M.

Myles Garrett, a consensus five-star defensive end, is heading to Texas A&M with high expectations. According to an article by Brent Zwerneman in today's San Antonio Express-News, Garrett hopes to restore the strong defensive reputation of the Aggies.

I don't want A&M to just be known for a prolific offense, but for also having a great defense.

SBNation's scouting report noted that Garrett looks physically capable of contributing to the Aggies right away.

His collegiate upside [is] quite high and perhaps even on par with fellow Martin alum Devonte Fields, who tore up the Big 12 last year as a true freshman.

According to Zwerneman's article, Garrett once struggled for playing time behind Fields and TCU teammate Chris Odom. After a motivational nudge from his coach and parents, Garrett became a student of the game, studying old film from players like Deacon Jones (Los Angeles Rams). Zwerneman, along with most fans, journalists, evaluators, and GBH authors expects Garrett to earn early playing time at Texas A&M. After all, according to the article, Garrett racked up 19.5 sacks last season... one fewer than the entire Aggie defense in 2013.