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Daily Bull 5.21.14

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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0. None. Zero. Number of Longhorn football players drafted in 2014. That's how many runs the baseball team put up against Arkansas yesterday. They bid an early farewell to the SEC Tournament and await their postseason fate, which is in the hands of the Baseball Gods, the most fickle of deities.

Playoffs we are talking about playoffs. The DMN reports that ESPN (wow I just wrote that) thinks a couple of upstart teams from Texas might have a shot to crack the four-team bracket in 2014. Baylor's got a really scary quarterback returning to take on a conference full of defenses made up of inflatable clown punching bags and t-shirt-wearing mops. We have a plug-n-play offense and a defense with a returning starter so it could get interesting if one likes points and yards.

Not everyone agrees, though. Some pretty intense takes right here.

Which one of you hurt this guy's feelings?

Strength O' Schedule. SDS takes a look at our 2014 lineup, which is #9 in the SEC. It is admittedly weak, but still middle-of-the-pack. S-E-C. The analysis provided for the logic behind traveling to SMU is sound, however.