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Daily Bull 5.2.14

A few more days and the trouble will end, In the field where sugar-canes may grow. A few more days for to tote the weary load, No matter, 'twill never be light A few more days till we totter on the road, Then my old Kentucky home, good night.

Jamie Squire

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I FORGOT WE HAVE AN ATHLETIC DIRECTOR. Remember when Bill Byrne would talk to the ferns in his office on Wednesdays and that conversation would somehow windup on Simpler times. Sometimes I forget Hyman is our A.D. Nothing atrocious has happened, we're getting a new Hate Barn, and Coach Yessir is still in College Station. Ergo, he must be doing some things right. Hyman penned out some thoughts on the current state of Texas A&M athletics. Read on.

SWAMP BEISBOL IS COMING. The No. 5 LSU baseball team is coming to College Station this weekend for a three game set. If the Ags pull the upset in the series, the postseason picture becomes clearer. Keep an eye out for the GBH Tailgaters. You'll recognize them by the smell of waffles and the sound of bad jokes.

I GOT CRABS. cuppy is gonna cup, y'all.

NUTHIN' BUT A G THANG. Gals' soccer coach G Guerrieri scored a three year contract extension on his deal taking him through 2019. This was a no brainer for the 2013 SEC Coach of the Year. Thanks for reading GBH, coach.

NO HORSE CAN GO AS FAST AS THE MONEY YOU BET ON HIM. One of my absolute favorite non-college football sporting events is the Kentucky Derby. The ponies. The dames. The hats. The high society. My Old Kentucky Home. I experienced a sliver of this when I went to the Derby two years ago. By experienced, I mean I stayed in an RV and passed out seersuckered in the infield covered in bourbon and grass stains. That said, I like Intense Holiday at 8-1 to win!

Have a great weekend, gang.