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Musical Chairs: Future SEC Football Scheduling

You're going to have to do some waiting for the coveted pilgrimages to the Swamp, 'tween the Hedges, and Rocky Top. Still beats Ames, Lubbock, Manhattan, and Waco, no?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Southeastern Conference released the non-divisional pairings (exotic!) for each team through 2025. Here's how things shape up for the Ags:

Year Texas A&M Opponent
2014 vs. Missouri
2015 at Vanderbilt
2016 vs. Tennessee
2017 at Florida
2018 vs. Kentucky
2019 at Georgia
2020 vs. Vanderbilt
2021 at Missouri
2022 vs. Florida
2023 at Tennessee
2024 vs. Georgia
2025 at Kentucky

These games join the permanent, annual lineup of LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Auburn, Alabama, and South Carolina.

It's tough to imagine that all of this won't be drastically altered at some point due to the disdain toward the 6-1-1 scheduling model and the pressure to move toward a 9 game slate. Further, the SEC might have 16 members at some juncture.

The big road trips in there that I intend to make are Florida in 2017, Georgia in 2019, and Tennessee in 2023. Hell, might as well make the trip to Vandy next year. Nashville is easy to get to and a big time.

Here is the full chart for rotating opponents:



Now, calculate how old you'll be in 2025 and go make some regrettable, youthful decisions right now. Gig 'em.