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Daily Bull 5.19.14

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

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SEC Tourney time. The baseballers rallied to take the final game of the regular season from Ole Miss on Saturday after dropping the Thursday and Friday games. They wrapped up the #10 seed in the conference tournament and will face Arkansas tomorrow in a single-elimination game. The complete tourney slate is over at TSK.

Hometown kid. Coach Sumlin and crew have offered A&M Consolidated star linebacker Riley Garner. It's been a while since there was a Consolidated player on the Aggie roster, but "play-making linebacker" can open a lot of doors at the moment.

Keep an eye out. Sam Khan discusses five emerging players on the O to watch heading into the summer and fall. With so many great linemen and Tra Carson available, I will be disappoint if the goalline package looks like anything but this.

WAFFLE WIRE: Pants are only optional in your own home, guy. This gentleman is a persistent conversationalist when it comes to his favorite topics. He was given multiple chances to pull up his pants, but in the end he stuck to his beliefs. 1/2 waffle for the stunning mugshot. And the last name synergy.

KK's latest adventure: a chronicle of Coach Kingsbury's weekend at the Preakness with Mike Tyson, Tom Brady, Colin Powell, and others. It's a beautiful story.