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Kyle Allen Interview from Arizona

A local Arizona sports outlet sat down to talk with the Freshman QB about his first semester in Aggieland.

Eric Sorenson of Sports360AZ sat down with Freshman QB Kyle Allen on a visit back home. They talked about adjusting to the A&M playbook, impressions on his first semester, and the NFL Draft.

Here are couple of excerpts:

"It does feel a little weird," Allen told in a recent sit-down interview. "But I’m used to it because I’ve always been the younger guy with the older people my entire life."

On the QB battle:

"They said [we] both had a great spring, we’re going to keep battling out into fall camp," Allen explained. "Before the season [they] are being very vague about it. They don’t want to give anything out which they should."

Read the full article here.

And the video: