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Daily Bull 5.16.14

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

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A tale of one inning. The baseball team dropped their series opener against Ole Miss last night 8-4 after a catastrophic fifth inning.

The Rebels took advantage of three errors, a walk and a hit batsman to score six runs in the fifth inning, then held on from there for an 8-4 victory at Blue Bell Park.

That'll do it. Ole Miss is ranked, though, so we'll probably end up winning the series somehow.

De...defense? Sam Khan over at the WWL gives us a glimpse at five fresh faces who might make an impact this fall. I know I am guilty of forgetting about Hilliard at linebacker. That should be a nice speed infusion. Gary Patterson may not possess the finest sense of khaki fashion, but he sure as hell knows how to make a defense.

THANKS, RANDY'S LITTLE BROTHER. An interesting look at Tampa Bay's selection of Mike Evans, and how it was influenced by their quarterback. Full circle, Ags.

Your Friday EZ wisdom. One can always count on our favorite social media Ag to tell it how it is.