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Daily Bull 5.15.14

Ain't it like they always say... Everybody goes their own way... Nobody knows no one can tell... It's always been the same for me... Guess it's just the way it must be... Headin' down that dusty trail... 15 weeks till Columbia, y'all.

Kevin C. Cox

OH GOALPOSTS U R SO SKINNY. The A&M practice goalposts went on a diet thinking they might get more cooing attention from the kickers if they weren't so fat. Thing is, KDS and Company hate the personality of field goals. Boring and insecure, really. Give us fast touchdowns, baby. [revs moped][stalls]

SEAN PORTER IS READY TO CUT A REGENT. Recall beating that team in Tuscaloosa in 2012 that all but secured a Heisman for #2? Well there was a thin, underrated defense that played out of their damn minds that day. On that unit was one Sean Porter. SP took to Twitter to denounce the idiocy surrounding "The House that Johnny Built". We're with you, SP10.

CONSERVATIVE COLLEGE FOOTBAW BY GOD. If you're an Ag and like college football, it's safe to assume you didn't vote for Ralph Nader. Marist College did a survey/study on how college football fans feel about the possibility of players unionizing. Surprising none, college football has a conservative fan base that loves booster slush funds and free markets. Not keen on the labor unionizing. Thing is, much of sport is the antithesis of a free market. Players are drafted. Johnny Manziel and Josh Lambo scratch the same paycheck. Etc. Etc. Anyway, we're all Survivalists/Anarchists here at GBH, so save your political missives.

DAMMIT LSU. If you're an X's and O's junkie, you're advised to read this piece on how LSU does such a bang up job stopping spread offenses (i.e., us). I'd also be cool with Mark Snyder using the Cajuns as his blue print to restore the slightest semblance of a Wrecking Crew in Aggieland.

#NOBUNTS. The beisbol team wraps up the regular season play this weekend with #16 Ole Miss coming to town. It's not an overstatement to say this series is massive in determining what comes next. Our man JZ will be sure to hook you up with the implications shortly. If you stroke his ego in the comments, he might give you a beer suggestion that you cannot afford.

#TBT this bad ass.


Have a helluva Thursday, gang.