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Daily Bull 5.14.14

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Hi, I'm Dr. Norris Camacho. You may remember me from such posts as "Terry Bradshaw's Dining Guide to Shreveport" and a whole bunch of these here Daily Bulls. Apparently we had something called a draft around here recently which was pretty interesting. I read all about it on this website. Looks like Uncle Colorado spoiled you with lots of content so I'll try to step up my game.

Keeping the binturongs treed. (Can someone please explain what this means? It sounds very science-y.) The baseballers took down Sam Houston State last night 3-1 to end the Bearkats' 11-game win streak. Ole Miss will be visiting Olsen this weekend for the final SEC series of the year.

Hey, never too early, right? CBS Sports goes ahead and lays out their favorite 32 players for the 2015 draft, and look who's up at #2. Are we starting to detect a trend here? PS THANK YOU FOR STAYING CED.

Speaking of OL...Saturday Down South takes a look at the top offensive line recruits from the state of Texas dating back to 2008 and where they are now. Once again...thank you Mike Sherman for that 2010 class.

Dark Horse Regent: folks, we need someone we at GBH can relate to to serve on the BOR, which is why we're considering one of two Aggie Celeb names to put forward. Please vote in this exclusive poll to let us know who you'd like to see on the BOR.