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Daily Bull 5.13.14

Incredibly wealthy people can be incredibly dumb.

Bob Levey

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HATE BARN THE BARN THAT CONCRETE AND HOOCH BUILT. Regents in the state of Texas are batshit crazy. Jim Schwertner funneled a fifth of shine and got to yapping yesterday about how he thinks the new Kyle Field should be called "Kyle Field The House That Johnny Built". Money and power don't buy taste and restraint, gang. A photo of Schwertner:



BLUE CHIP RECRUITS STILL MAKE THE NFL. Despite all of Texas' worst efforts, the top-rated recruits coming out of high school still make it to the League at a marked clip. Recruiting savant Bud Elliot from the mothership examines high school star rating and how it projects to the NFL.

THE POSSE SHIRT. I'll take 20 of these shirts but in yellow with the Waffle House logo please.



Make it bang up Tuesday, ya'll. Gig 'em.