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Daily Bull 5.12.14

All Johnny All the Time

Jason Miller

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#2 CREATED AN ECONOMY. IN CLEVELAND. Surprising no one, the Browns are getting several shots of life since drafting Johnny. Jerseys, tickets, etc are moving at a record clip. The prospect of launching a career in Cleveland (regardless of profession) is a terrifying proposition, but if Johnny proves the naysayers wrong yet again, he'll become a legend of legends.

LET'S RECAP 'EVIL TEBOW's' NIGHT. The stellar Andrew Sharp puts a nice bow on Johnny's Thursday night. At the risk of purple prose horseshit, there is just something magnetic about a smiling villain like Manziel.

BE THE BALL. Manziel is going to be gracing the Metroplex this week for some golf outings. He'd probably win the big boy tourneys if he wanted, but will just partake in the Pro-Am.

SPROTS. EMBRACE DEBATE. Our man gigthem08 is rattling off a Top 25 of Aggie sports moments. Get enraged. This is serious business.

GOOD ON YA, SHERMY. Mike Sherman had his faults - second halfs, narcolepsy, fashion, defense - but he sure as hell knew how to spot and develop offensive talent. Nice to hear some of his perspectives on the Ags that are jumping to the NFL.

NEEDED IT. The beisbol team narrowly avoided a sweep yesterday in Fayetteville with a 10th inning win. For a squad cobbling together an erratic postseason resume, dodging a sweep was crucial. Four games remain in the regular season. Sam Houston visits tomorrow night before a massive weekend home series against Ole Miss.

MEANWHILE, IN THE BIG 12. Our amigo Scipio at Barking Carnival dissects the current plights of the Big 12 after a very poor showing in this past week's draft. I could read Scipio's writings on dadgum anything and be entertained.

Happy damn Monday. I'm writing this under a blanket of snow in Colorado while Doctor Camacho plays doctor on the beaches of Maui. Life is a nightmare. Gig 'em.