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Daily Bull 4.9.14

Full of prizes

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SO MANY WINNERS. At long last, the CBI bracket tabulation is over, and there was a six-way tie for second place (see original details and rules here). Most of you should have been contacted by the cup. However, if you are the mystery person who finished in first place, you will need to register with Good Bull Hunting (it's free, no obligation) using the link at the top of the page here to be eligible, then contact myself or cuppycup through our profiles for prize details. If you weren't a bracket winner, there's always a shot at that sharp white coaches' polo.


Here are the winners of the Yahoo! GBH Tourney Bracket. You'll be contacted through the email address you used to register for it:

FIRST PRIZE $100 gift card


Austin's Victorious Bracket

SECOND PRIZE $50 gift card



THIRD PRIZE $25 gift card


I dont internet what is this?

Congrats again to everyone who joined in all the bracketologically crazy fun.

Well, we're doomed. With no experience in front of a raucous spring game crowd, all three quarterbacks will be worthless. (This is the same website that didn't know about's most famous feature.)

It's a win. After giving up 2 runs in the top of the first to Prairie View, the Aggies rattled off 8 runs in a four-inning stretch to clinch the victory. Up next this weekend: a visit to Nashville to face #7 Vanderbilt. Oh.

Good Bull, coaches. RC Slocum and Phil Fulmer will be repping the SEC in the USO Tour that starts today. Hell, I'd pay good money to sit there and listen to them tell recruiting stories from the '80s. Should be a fun show.

PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS, PLAYA. Don't listen to 'em Kliff. You just keep on doin your thaanng.