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The Daily ****ing Bull 4.7.14

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Well, ****. As you probably heard, Ricky Seals-Jones was arrested over the weekend for saying a bad word. We have obtained exclusive footage of Coach Sumlin's latest team meeting. Unbelievably, the CSPD report differs from Seals-Jones' own account. He plans to fight the charges.

The usual. The baseballers blew up for a 13-8 win on Saturday, but unfortunately it was sandwiched between two more anemic offensive performances and they lost the series to Alabama. [shrugs]. Seems like that's the way the season's been.

HOT SPRING ACTION. Lots of SEC football going on over the weekend, and Saturday Down South has your comprehensive recap from around the league. Here is something to panic/celebrate about if you are so inclined:

The defensive front seven had very little push against the Aggies’ tough offensive line.

That's it for now. Have a Monday, folks.