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Waffle House Mailed Us A Treasure Chest

The amazing care package Waffle House mailed to GBH headquarters was the next best thing to sending us a finalized franchisee contract.

We've had a love-hate relationship with Waffle House here in College Station, Texas. We love them and they hate us. Well, they may not hate us but they sure haven't opened a Waffle House in our SEC town yet. See this map if you don't believe me.

Like any good Mays Business School graduates, we created a PowerPoint slide deck to pitch our business case to the Waffle House executive team. We even applied for a franchise and made a t-shirt with Aggieland Outfitters.

As a last resort, we mailed Waffle House a letter last July. A REAL LETTER.

Dear Waffle Makers,

I am an extreme fan of your restaurants and breakfast food products. My therapist has called me obsessive, but he is eating at fancy places with fake ambience like Cracker Barrel. I live part-time in Houston where I am able to regularly enjoy a Waffle House breakfast – All-Star Special with bacon, hashbrowns (smothered, covered and capped), toast, sunny side up eggs, a delicious waffle, and 2 Tums. Most of the time, I live in the Waffle House desert of College Station, TX where I am a student at Texas A&M University (WHOOOOP!).

You have probably heard (seen) the rallying cry to bring a Waffle House to College Station. #wafflesforAgs. I have even applied as a franchisee but was told I need to work at WH for 3 years. This is difficult for me since I go to school in a town with no Waffle House establishments. Do you offer any telecommuting positions? I type over 25 words per minute according to Mavis Beacon. I can ask her to write a reference letter. While I have not finished all of my business classes yet, I find it interesting that you are electing to forgo swimming in profits from a College Station location. Do you hate swimming?

The main reason I am writing is that SEC football season is nearing and I need your waffles, or at a minimum the batter, for tailgating in College Station. Can you please send me an order form so that I can procure 500 or more waffles packed in dry ice? I will also be ordering side dishes. Will eggs keep if frozen? Alternatively, I can order batter and then make the waffles fresh at my tailgate. Let me know my options here. Please do let me know if there are any plans to open a location in College Station so I can save money on shipping. Or maybe a Houston location can provide catering options?

I have enclosed a #wafflesforAgs t-shirt for you so that you may join our cause. I hope it’s your size but if not maybe you have a pet. I’d love it if you send me back a fun Polaroid of the shirt. Also, if you can send me one of your shirts, I wear an XL. An autographed menu would also be cool.

With extra sweet syrup,

G.B.Hunting 7/24/2013

Then we waited...

The Alabama game came and went without any formal response or sign of waffle batter.

We continued to tweet @WaffleHouse and they tweeted back, sometimes teasing us. Some people called us obsessed and annoying, but many of those comments weren't even Waffle House related.

On April Fools' Day, Waffle House pranked us.

We love attention, but pretended to be mad. And I asked them to return the t-shirt I sent them. I was desperate to receive mail. Waffle House slid into my DMs and asked for our address. Then we waited...

Today, I finally received mail from Waffle House! It wasn't just mail though. It was the greatest mail of all time. Somehow packed into a tiny box, Waffle House sent us:

  • 2 bags of Waffle House Original Recipe waffle mix (yields 2 gallons of batter)
  • 4 paper hats
  • 3 wrist sweatbands
  • 2 koozies
  • 4 plastic cups
  • 1 fancy travel cup
  • 7 t-shirts (including Waffle House Princess)
  • 1 heartfelt letter:

Dear G.B. Hunting,

Thanks for being a great sport on April Fool's Day! We hope we didn't break your heart into too many pieces. But keep your hopes up! There's always the possibility of a Waffle House in College Station—maybe even the Waffle House Food Truck! In the meantime...

Inside this special, one-of-a-kind delivery, we have included some "Great Sport Awards." We didn't know your preferred style so we have included an assortment of shirts and Waffle goodies. There are also some koozies to take with you tailgating (Go Aggies!).

And, that's right, we've sent you some of our special Waffle mix! Follow the instructions and do not make pancakes with it. We repeat, do not make pancakes. Sorry, there's no bacon included.

Happy Waffling!

Now we invite you to join us to eat some real waffles!


WHEN: Saturday, May 3rd from 9:30 to first pitch.

Texas Aggie Baseball has a huge series against LSU this weekend. We're going to be tailgating with our buddy Eli before the game. We're going to do our best to transform the Waffle House mix into batter on Friday night and then make fresh waffles at the tailgate. But that's not all...

Other Food

Breakfast tacos from Rudy's BBQ, snacks, and then some hotdogs before the noon pitch. If anyone wants to bring cookies and chips that would be cool. Bring something, you mooch.


There will be stuff on-hand but BYOB (preferably Bud Light products, see below). The world famous octobong will be there.


FSSW plans on arriving at 10-10:30 to film Eli's winnings from the 2013 Ultimate Tailgater. We need a big crowd for this so A&M can look impressive. We need to be rowdy and show the Aggie spirit so that we set the bar high for tailgaters after us. Since Bud Light was the lead sponsor we need to try to stick with Bud Light products.

Below is a map of the RV lot. We should be in one of those grassy areas. The key is to look for the octobong. It will be everyone's guiding light. We'll try to bring other GBH/Waffle House identifiers to help you find us.