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Daily Bull 4.3.14

Slow ride... take it easy... I'm in the mood... the rhythm is right... move to the music... we can roll all night TO COLUMBIA SAKERLINA. 21 weeks, gang. Buckle those chin straps.

Kelly Lambert

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A STABLE OF DADGUM THOROUGHBREDS. Stretch out the ponies and let 'em run in 2014, Coach. We're stacked at running back and it is high time to let the fellas take some games over. Our amigo Sam Khan Jr. examines the backfield. Tra, Trey, B-Will, et al - the show is yours.

THEY PRONOUNCE IT "GOF" WITHOUT THE "L". The men golfers host the Aggie Invitational out at Traditions Golf Course this weekend. Some of the country's finest talent will be on hand. Golf tournaments are a good time and this one is free. Stroll the grounds with some covert adult sippers and enjoy the competition. How 'bout a Fresca?

GOOD, NAY GREAT, BULL. Overall stud Luke Joeckel has set up a scholarship fund to honor fallen teammate Joey V. Offensive linemen are just the best. This is a very touching tribute from a stellar ambassador for Texas A&M. Gig 'em, Luke.

CLUB BRIGHT. The Bright Complex is getting revamped. BRANDING. BIDETS IN EVERY LOCKER. BILLIARDS. BOTTLE SERVICE. BABES. Come and take it, recruits.

AGGIES, START YOUR ENGINES. Our man spadilly has all the deets you need regarding Jeff Gordon and his Aggie stock car for this weekend's race.

MISS YOU TOO, BOO. The mothership laid out the timeline spanning the last few years of the A&M-UT divorce. Come for the history, stay for the cattiness. #teamrenewrivalry

Have a big Thursday, y'all. If any of you young crazies are going to Chilifest this weekend, two things: 1. Don't drank and drive. 2. Take photos of your GBH swag and tweet 'em our way @GBHunting.