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Daily Bull 4.28.14

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What the what? The baseballers once again claimed a road series win against a ranked SEC opponent, taking 2 of 3 from Mississippi State over the weekend. With a matchup against Texas State tomorrow, the team has a chance to ride this quote unquote "hot streak" into the showdown with #6 LSU at Olsen this weekend.

SEC Scheduling: the structure itself is nothing new (sticking to the 6-1-1 format) but the interesting bit involves the non-conference addendum.

In addition, at least one opponent from the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten or Pac-12 must be scheduled by each SEC school on an annual basis beginning in 2016, with assistance from the conference office.


NO BIG DEAL JUST THOUGHT I'D DROP IN. Kevin Sumlin even attends charity events in style. No time for automobiles, let's just take the copter instead, honey.

Not to be outdone, Texas A&M’s head football coach Kevin Sumlin made quite the grand entrance, arriving by helicopter on the Fertitta’s sprawling lawn. "I’m a huge Fertitta fan and admire the way they’ve done business," Sumlin said. "They’ve been very successful but always give back to the community."

Gig 'em, coach.



HELLO, FRIENDS. Jim Nantz is on the case, y'all. Let's make this circus happen.

Have a Monday, everyone.