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1980s Aggie Football had Swagger too

Jackie Sherrill may be the godfather of Agg Swag.

@bradthejag - Twitter
@bradthejag - Twitter

Aggie Athletics' Assistant Media Relations Director Brad Marquardt Tweeted out this classic piece of Aggie lore this afternoon:

Lots of different stuff going on here, but I'm pretty sure that's what life in 1986 was really like for a football player in the SWC. It almost seems as though it was staged to appear as if it were a talent show because they are gathered on a stage and many different activities are represented.

  • Several gentlemen appear to be reading, one of them in suspenders. Reading is a good talent to have.
  • Johnny Holland (11), Rod Bernstine (29), and another guy are straight up dressed-out and ready to play a football game.
  • It looks as though a haircut is being performed right behind the George Strait impersonator.
  • A chess game has broken out (as chess games are wont to do in 1986 gatherings of football players).
  • The chess game is being officiated by a player on his way to a formal dance.
  • Other sports are represented by players holding other pieces of equipment, because that seems like a 1986 thing to do: a basketball, a golf club, and a baseball glove. The golf club seems kind of forced, though. That guy probably wishes he was on the motorcycle instead.
  • Speaking of which, there is also a guy in shades on a motorcycle on the stage because The Terminator was kick-ass, man.
  • Seeing a guy choose the bass guitar as his chosen talent makes me happy because bass solos are underrated.
  • One of the gentlemen's talent is dressing like a scientist or a doctor.
  • The guy in the mustache and windbreaker is either a 35 year-old coach or a 21 year-old offensive lineman because all collegiate offensive linemen in the '80s looked like 35 year-old men with mustaches.

Overall, I'm impressed with the variety of talents this 1986 team had. I'd like to see Sumlin try to match this poster in a couple of years with the first group of seniors he recruited.