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Daily Bull 4.25.14

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#TBT. The off-season is long and full of Thursdays, so we'll be doing some throwbacks. The first installment was yesterday and was a really thoughtful look back at the 2012 Maroon & White game from JDMyatt when we saw our first glimpse of that Manziel guy and felt a great sense of confidence in who would be the starting QB. (Hint: it wasn't #2.)

You got a reprieve, CLANGA. The Aggie baseball team was poised for the kill in Starkville, trailing only 4-1 when inclement weather shut the game down after six innings last night. No worries as they'll finish the last few innings before tonight's game, starting at 5:00.

Dealin' with it. An interesting look at how Georgia is being proactive in altering their strength and conditioning philosophy to adapt to the HUNH. Seems like this might work better than the Bielema approach.

SEC attendance: Team Speed Kills takes a look at the conference's attendance figures, trends, etc., complete with charts and graphs if you're into that kind of thing.

It's Friday. Let's take this week to the house.