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Daily Bull 4.23.14

Scott Halleran

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Oh yeah that one thing. In case you missed it, there was a new SEC Network television commercial, complete with discussion yesterday. Just another Tuesday, y'all.

WOOO not this time Owls. The baseball team went on the road last night and jumped to a 6-0 lead before eventually knocking off #16 Rice 6-5 in a rare midweek road trip. No big deal we just host #21 Mississippi State this weekend and oh hey that sound is just Jason Z slowly banging his head on the table.

It's the uniforms. Just sayin'...look what happens when the softball team sports the retro-'80s-looking 'Stros muiltistriped jerseys: 25 runs on 27 hits in Corpus Christi. No word yet on a football equivalent of these things but OFFSEASON.

I'll just...yeah...leave this here. Pro Football Talk comments. No wonder PFT Commenter has the easiest satire gig on the interwebs: A Mike Evans critique, broken down.

kingmj4891 says:Apr 22, 2014 3:42 PM

More concerned of this man’s character then whether he can ball.


First, if you're concerned "of" something, it seems as though you're just contemplating it as an abstract issue in an overall sense, not as a red flag. That's fine, and admirable in the big picture. But at least they put their thoughts in chronological order by using "then." First: character (which is obviously an issue because he is on the same team as Manziel; must be addressed, it's a given) and THEN his ability to ball, which is also obviously not easily answered with two years of film highlights against some of the best defensive backs in college ball. This is clearly a refined and intensely focused student of the game of football to espouse these concerns so eloquently and OH FUCK CAN THE DRAFT END ALREADY SO WE DON'T HAVE TO READ THIS SHIT?

And FIN. To celebrate Wednesday, clips of the Arkansas SEC Network commercial that did not make it: