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Daily Bull 4.2.14

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Welcome back to the regular drill. Yesterday was everyone's excuse to be dumb on the Internet, and we're no different. Thanks for tolerating us. Our Twitter is back to normal.

Heck of a season. Let's congratulate the Women's Hoops group on a great run that ended against undefeated UConn the other night. And hats off to Jim Hu, for giving us some of the best coverage on the network, including his final game and season recap. Well done, sir.

And there is also baseball. Who dropped a mid-week game to Houston last night. Houston is a good team, but the game was also within reach. They'll be hosting Bama this weekend, and will be looking for the sweep or at least a series win to get back on track. BASEBAWWWLLL.

LOOK AT THOSE BLOCKS. No, really. Former NFL defensive end Stephen White breaks down film on Mike Evans and arrives at a decision we already knew: he has enormous talent, plays with passion, and is still a bit raw and is probably not quite as well-rounded and polished as Sammy Watkins of Clemson. But when he puts that passion to work...let's just say I don't envy those Duke defensive backs.

Not cool. Shame on you, Waffle House. We have powerful allies.