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Daily Bull 4.18.14

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

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Wildcat. Wild. Cat. The baseball team will look to build on their series victory over #7 Vandy last weekend and their midweek RUNSPLOSION against ACU against a talented ranked Kentucky team this weekend. Post-season fates are in the balance, so do whatever superstitious things you do, baseballers.

PEACH BOWL! It's official: the name of that awesome bowl game in Atlanta is now the "Chik-fil-A Peach Bowl." Delicious.

2014 Arrests Tracker. Friend of the site Jason Kirk has pieced together this comprehensive list of actual and anticipated charges for every player on the team. Please read the photo caption, also.

FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS. The biggest volcano in the world is now officially named after TAMU thanks to Aggie oceanographer Will Sager. Take that, suckers. move over, cuppycup.

Happy Friday. Here is a Trey Williams gif.