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Three Aggie football players were arrested last Thursday, continuing an unprecedented streak of bad behavior

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Is this getting old to anyone else? It sure as hell is getting old to me right now. Three Aggie football players were arrested last Thursday due to outstanding warrants for a variety of crimes. Details are below:

  • WR Ed Pope: Failure to appear
  • DB Howard Matthews: Speeding, Failure to exhibit driver's license, failure to appear
  • DE Gavin Stansbury: Assualt (Harris County warrant)
There's an obvious joke to be made about Howard Matthews, the concept of a wheel, and failure to appear, but I wont make it. At this point I've lost count of the number of arrests that we've had this offseason, and damn. It's getting tiring seeing nothing but bad press about the Aggie Football program.

The question that keeps popping up in my mind is whether A&M football has a discipline issue, or whether these are a ton of isolated incidents. Early in the offseason I was leaning towards the latter, but now.......who the hell knows. Give us your take in the comments.

Who knows what the punishments will be, but I'm getting concerned about our ability to field a full squad against South Carolina. Rumors are that Claiborne and Hill are back with the program, and perhaps Sumlin will not think too much of traffic related violations. The hardest one of these arrests to take is Stansbury, who came on as one of our better defensive players towards the end of last season, and projected to be a solid contributor this fall. No clue what his future looks like.

But the more arrests we have, the closer we are to having everyone's favorite ginger Conner McQueen suit up at LB, so maybe all is not lost.