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Daily Bull 4.15.14

Your Waffle House Wire was long overdue.

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Happy Tuesday, folks. That's another weekend in the books as we edge towards summer. I've been lax of late in keeping us abreast of what's happening at Waffle House, so with this latest headline I'll try to get us caught up:

The Master. Green Jacket? Check. Smothered & Covered? Check. Bubba Watson knows who butters his toast. One full waffle rating here for the positive spin.

Oh man not the tip jar too. That's just mean. This one gets a quarter of a waffle for poor planning and for stealing the gratuity. Surely there are more profitable venues for random robberies.

Lots of stuff going on here. Most importantly, no one was hurt. Also, the passenger fled on foot and presumably made a clean getaway. Third, kudos to the  industriousness of Waffle House for planning to re-open THE SAME DAY A TRUCK CRASHED INTO YOUR RESTAURANT. 3/4 waffles for the Tennessee establishment.

SHOTS FIRED. It appears this gentleman didn't realize there was an off-duty police officer working security at the WaHo when he tried to rob it. He shot and missed, and it appears the policeman shot back and did not miss. Nothing good can come of carrying a gun to a Waffle House at 2 AM, especially when your getaway car is a "champagne-colored Buick LeSabre." One measly half-waffle.

It appears chivalry is not dead. This couple didn't even make it into the Waffle House, but the gentleman was arrested in their vehicle for drug paraphernalia. According to police:

The suspect claimed the items and police did not charge the woman. He was given a $6,500 secured bond and a court date Friday.

Love is alive and well. One full waffle awaits him when he gets out.