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Johnny Manziel's Wonderlic Score: Best among QBs you've heard of this year

According to reporter Albert Breer, Johnny Manziel scored an 32 on the Wonderlic.

Scott Halleran

Johnny scored an impressive 32 on the Wonderlic test...

...which was better than these guys...

...but not as good as this Cornell guy.

Quarterback Wonderlic Scores to Compare (from SI)

Blaine Gabbert: 42

Alex Smith: 40

Eli Manning: 39

Colin Kaepernick: 38

Andrew Luck: 37

Tony Romo: 37

Aaron Rodgers: 35

Tom Brady: 33

Johnny Manziel: 32

Peyton Manning: 28

Blake Bortles: 28

Joe Flacco: 27

Ryan Leaf: 27

RG3: 24

Russell Wilson: 24

Brett Favre: 22

Tim Tebow: 22

Teddy Bridgewater: 20

Michael Vick: 20

Terry Bradshaw: 16

Dan Marino: 15

Donovan McNabb: 14

Terrelle Pryor: 7

Vince Young: 6 (then 16) explains the Wonderlic in this article.

So what does the Wonderlic score mean for Johnny's draft spot? Unless you want to put out the dumbest take of the day, probably not a whole lot. But it's one less thing for the media to attack. Teams that took time to interview Manziel already know that he's intelligent.

Here are some Wonderlic sample questions if you want to get a flavor of the exam.