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Daily Bull 4.11.14

Scott Halleran

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Ring Day came a bit early for a certain Ag. Mr. Football proudly picked up his Class of '15 Aggie Ring yesterday. Yes, that's a big ol' rock in there, but he's already made his millions. And yes, he got it early. Because he's Johnny Manziel. And no, he's not a sophomore. He is a junior who enrolled a semester early in the Spring of 2011.

The Bag Man. We had this pinned all day yesterday, but if you didn't get around to it, check out the excellent piece on SEC bag men from the main site that went up yesterday. There's nothing shocking, but the frankness and practicality of the interviewee is really telling. If you don't already, make sure to follow author Steven Godfrey. He's making the radio show rounds at the moment.

The Bear contract. The University recently discovered copies of the original agreement between Texas A&M and Bear Bryant from 1954. They have been framed and are now on display at the Board of Regents Annex in his honor. This part was really interesting:

The contract Bryant signed was for $15,000 a year plus 1 percent of the gate, "which probably wouldn't be bad right now," said Steve Moore, vice chancellor for marketing and communications for the Texas A&M University System.

No kidding. Not sure if revenue = "gate" but according to ESPN, 1% of revenue from 2012 would've been a cool $1.19 million.

Best of luck to the baseballers as they head to Music City to take on #7 Vandy. Wear your rally caps all weekend to ensure an Aggie sweep. Your complete weekend preview is coming soon.

Have a great Friday and weekend, all.