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Wildcard: Dungeons and Dammits Prequel

Thacktor outlines his next adventure: the world of D&D

In the next week or so, a new wildcard will emerge with HypnoToad and myself collaborating on something we think could be funny or ultimately destructive to our future political ambitions. If it goes the way we're planning, both outcomes are likely.

This evening, I'm going to do something a little different. See, I've always been weirdly curious (stop it, I know where you're going and, no) about the world of the gamer. Not the video gamer, though. I'm talking about the real deal. Interactive role playing (still no) games like Dungeons and Dragons have always made me curious, but my awareness of the stigma that surrounds the people who play had always driven me from asking a group about playing. Well, a good friend of mine happens to be a gamer. Actually, a few good friends of mine are gamers, so I started floating the idea of me learning the rules and attempting to play a full game of D&D (I'm hip with the lingo) or one like it. Finally, the opportunity has arrived.

On Tuesday I found out that my friends weekly game had an open seat and they were willing to take a "fuck it" kind of evening and let a noob like myself learn whilst playing. He asked if I'd be interested and I responded in the enthusiastic affirmative. Hell, I could even use the excuse that I needed fodder for the Wildcard if someone pressed me. If only I hadn't just explained my stalking of the culture in the above paragraphs. Crap.

I'm writing this Wildcard to preface the next one. Next week I shall give you a detailed reporting of my findings. After that, we don't know what the new Wildcard is going to be quite yet, but think along the lines of a non-sports Tailgate without the crazy graphics that go along with it. We can only really bear down that hard for the football season. We'll still field your questions and it'll definitely get weirder thanks to the addition of a funnier author than myself. I'm excited. You should be excited.

Now, pray for me because I'm about to have my ass handed to me by some nerds.