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Daily Bull 3.31.14


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AND THEN THERE WERE EIGHT. Gary Blair and the WBB team took care of business against DePAWWLL in Lincoln on Saturday. Up next? Just #1 seed UConn. This is only the third time the team has advanced to the Elite Eight, but the last time it happened the result was a National Championship. The game is tonight on ESPN at 8:30 and of course Jim's got your complete coverage right here. Gig 'em.

Pro Day Recap. In case you forgot, Johnny Manziel had a pro day last week. Here's a quick summary from the Houston Texans' perspective.

A QB Tradition like no other. If you missed this Saturday gem by Hypno-Toad, it's worth checking out: the criminal history of Aggie QBs.

Good Bull Found: Christine Michael, you are doing it right, sir.

For all the nerds out there: you know what this week is. Celebrate.

Happy Monday, folks.