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Daily Bull 3.3.14

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Weekend recaps: both hoops teams came away with conference wins this weekend. WBB took down Florida on the road, while the men beat Ole Miss at Reed. The baseball team didn't quite fare as well, but we'll let JZ get into that later.

Pretty Good Bull. Mizzou QB Trent Hosick witnessed a truck rolling over on the highway in front of him during a snowstorm and was able to help the two people inside of it get out safely. Nice work, Trent.

Saban speaks. The Alabama coach shared his thoughts on the 10 second rule recently in an interview. Unsurprisingly, they were a bit more reasoned and coherent than Bret Bielema's. But he did manage to refer to himself in the third person. Is this what we want Nick Saban to be?

WAFFLE HOUSE WIRE. Here's your weekly beat from your favorite place to eat:

LOOK WHAT HONESTY GETS YOU. A woman posed as an area manager, scooped the till, and took off around 6AM. Struggling with her conscience, she returned to the restaurant later to give the cash back and was promptly arrested. I'll give this one 3/4 of a waffle for style and honesty.

Yeah, uhh...sorry about that. A health inspection score of 57 just ain't gonna cut it. And also, if you are ordering something involving a lemon from a Waffle House you are doing it wrong. 0 waffle points because they're probably dirty.

Fort Myers AGAIN?! It's our maroon-shirted culprit once more, this time striking at 3:14AM on a Friday. Once again ski masks were involved and no one was seriously injured. This has the makings of a spree and gets a whole waffle for the time of night and also southwest Florida.