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Daily Bull 3.28.14


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Happy Friday, folks. In case you were gone yesterday for whatever reason, our own QB #2 with the initials "JM" had his pro day workout yesterday. Your complete, full-scale, in-depth coverage is right here. Like, all of it.

But there are still sports being played. The Womens' Bouncyball team will face DePaul in Lincoln tomorrow for a shot at the Elite Eight. Gig 'em, Gary.

Aaaand, baseball. Our own guru jzimmermann11 has boots on the ground this weekend in Athens, but that doesn't necessarily mean we'll win the series. Or does it. Does it? Either way, he'll come away a victor because Atlanta has great microbreweries or something. Even I managed to enjoy a beer I didn't recognize in the Chick-fil-A courtesy suite. (It was free, and it was 2 AM, and maybe the label was just torn off, but whatever.) Weekend preview will be up soon.

MISC. Caillou is terrible. This is probably the best critique of a Canadian children's cartoon in the history of mankind.  Also, 1970s Jaws was way cooler-looking.