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Daily Bull 3.27.14

Five months till Columbia, gang. Focus the hell up.

Scott Halleran

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PRO DAY. Get ready to scrutinize! Hyperbole always encouraged. Johnny, Mike, and the gang will be working out today for scores of NFL honchos. It's like your college career day except with actual job opportunities and real, American greenback currency on the line. We have you covered.

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Brent Z. scored a nice interview with Coach Yessir with his perspectives on Pro Day and what it means for the program.

NO SCABS. Speaking of pros and "amateurs", the lawyers are out buzzing and billing about possible student-athlete unionization. Patty Vint breaks down the implications over at the mothership. Look for the union label, gang. [staunch libertarian. no politics plz]

LABOR LAW, ETC. Hiring coaches is no skip through Candyland. Celebrity Hot Tub takes a look at the key attributes to hiring football coaches - lie detectors recommended.

GAME BROADCAST MANAGER WINNER. This news is a few spells old, but former Bama QB Greg McElroy was hired by ESPN as an analyst for the SEC Network. I've heard McElroy on the Finebaum show a number of times and he'll be an asset on the SEC Network. Quick, smart, witty, ROLL TIDE.

Have a good Pro Day, Ags.