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Daily Bull 3.21.14

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Welcome, Gators. The baseball team will host Florida for the first time this weekend. We've got your complete preview right here. It's a good one, and thorough.

Best of luck. Sophomore DL Isaiah Golden has withdrawn from school, but there's hope that he'll be back this summer in time for fall practice. He's had a rough past few months with the death of his daughter and the arrest, but it sounds like he's getting things back on track. More details were discussed yesterday on the podcast.

Typical Johnny Distraction. How is he supposed to focus on his Nike contract if he's not throwing the football 24 hours per day to placate NFL scouts? His latest shenanigan: hanging out with more pro athletes at sporting events. He's too short, right?

Oooh yeahhh. Smells so good.

Have a fast Friday, everyone.