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The CBI Challenge: Round 2!

At least there's only four games to completely guess on this time.

Where there was once 16, there is now only 8. The Aggies moved on to the next round of the CBI along with some other bros. Our CBI Challenge has been updated to for all of the second round games, so make your picks and fight 'til the death for the terrible awesome prizes listed below.


First, read our Official Rules.

All prize packages will include a GBH window sticker.

First Place: Good Bull Hunting T-shirt

Second Place: Texas A&M Toothbrush (if in stock; otherwise a prize of equal or greater value will be chosen)

Third Place: Pez Dispenser of Our Choice

Fourth Place: MSPaint Drawing of Reveille

Fifth Place: Participation Ribbon

Sixth Place: Handwritten Letter of Gratitude

Picks deadlines

First Round: Noon CT on March 18

Quarterfinals: Noon CT on March 24

Semifinals: Noon CT on March 26

Championship Series: Noon CT on March 31