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The CBI Tournament Bracket Challenge with terrible prizes!

Texas A&M is in the college basketball postseason* and we're running a bracket contest to make following the College Basketball Invitational* more palatable.

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

BOOM! Here we are in March Madness* and Texas A&M is one of 16 teams competing in the 7th annual CBI tournament. In the First Round, the Aggies will square off with the Wyoming Cowboys at Reed Arena. The game is on Wednesday night at 7:00pm, and tickets are available for as low as $5. We can feel your excitement, so please take some time to enter our Bracket Challenge which promises to be the most difficult and unfulfilling thing you've ever done. If you're looking for our fancy NCAA bracket contest with good prizes go here.

Oops! Here's a link to the PDF bracket.


First, read our Official Rules.

All prize packages will include a GBH window sticker.

First Place: Good Bull Hunting T-shirt

Second Place: Texas A&M Toothbrush (if in stock; otherwise a prize of equal or greater value will be chosen)

Third Place: Pez Dispenser of Our Choice

Fourth Place: MSPaint Drawing of Reveille

Fifth Place: Participation Ribbon

Sixth Place: Handwritten Letter of Gratitude

Bracket Challenge

The CBI is crazy, so first let's discuss how it works. This is a single-elimination tournament up until the last two teams are standing. The championship is decided by a best-of-3 format. The tournament is re-bracketed after the Quarterfinal Round, so to participate in our contest you need to come back here to make your picks before each round. Make sure you enter the same username/Twitter handle each time you make your picks.

Picks deadlines

First Round: Noon CT on March 18

Quarterfinals: Noon CT on March 24

Semifinals: Noon CT on March 26

Championship Series: Noon CT on March 31