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Daily Bull 3.14.14

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SEC BASEBALL? We are, and we know that Auburn is, thanks to this excellent Q&A between our collective Baseball Illuminati. Just in time, since #SECBasketballFever came to a crashing halt yesterday as we fell in double overtime to Mizzou in the SEC tourney. Good luck against Florida, Tigers.

Building depth. This is a great read from CBSSports' Jeremy Fowler about Sumlin and crew establishing a serious program, especially defensively.

On a defensive list? Saturday Down South ranks the top ten secondary players heading into spring practice, and Deshazor's part of the lineup. The guy's a machine.

Truth bombs galore. Kliff Kingsbury participated in a Reddit AMA yesterday and answered all the tough questions as only he can.

Another week down.Have a great weekend, all.