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Daily Bull 3.13.14

24 more soul crushing weeks until Texas Aggie footbaw, y'all

Ethan Miller

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BASEBALL BEATS THE PANAMA LONGHORNS AGAIN. The diamond dudes handled their business in a matinee affair that noted movie and baseball critic Jason Zimmermann described as "expected", "lacking plot", and "too bunty". The fellas head to Auburn this weekend to commence league play. BTHO War Eagle. #JZ4manager

THE GEORGIA DOME: HOME OF SEC FOOTBerBASKETBALL. The men ballers take on Mizzou today at noon. Survive and advance, fellas. Bill Kennedy could sure use a win or two in the league tourney.

PICTURES OF STADIUMS BECAUSE OFF SEASON. The arms race never ends in the Southeastern Conference to see who can build the most majestic cathedral for unpaid 18-22 years old to perform. h/t Saturday Down South.

COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM COLUMBIA, SAKERLINA. Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer were announced as the lead men for the SEC Network. I think Musburger gets a bit of a bad rap. I admire his love of college ball, young coeds, and games of chance. But seriously, I think he does a pretty good job. Palmer busts his ass on his homework which is certainly commendable. Watch how much he talks with his hands sometime. He could be a mime. A handsome mime.

Have a grand day, you fine Ags. Chest bumps all around.