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Daily Bull 3.12.14

Haha you thought we meant that other Fran

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Fran rocks.
Fran rocks.
Malcolm Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

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THANKS, FRAN. No, not that Fran. This Fran. Tarkenton is a Johnny fan and not afraid to say so:

"Manziel is a quarterback savant."

No response yet from fellow Hall of Fame quarterback Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel.

Take that, JZ. After his scathing Monday column, our very own jzimmermann11 got his wish: the baseball team blew up offensively and obliterated UT Pan-Am 13-0. Not a terrible team, either. They lost in extra innings to Texas in Austin 2-1.

Anonymous Coaches' Poll: it's unanimous. Unnamed Texas high school coaches have ranked the college football teams in Texas and we are #1 PAWWLLL. Oh, #2 is Baylor. We leave you alone for 2 years, Big 12...

Catch the fever. SEC mens' hoops action kicks off today in the Georgia Dome, although our gentlemen have the bye until tomorrow. Yes, there are actually five teams seeded below us. We'll face Missouri and our prize if we win is to take on Florida, #1 in the country and undefeated in conference play. Yes, the Florida that held us to 36 points Florida. No pressure.