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Daily Bull 3.11.14

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#SECBasketballFever. Tourney time, where anything can happen Florida is going to win. Here's the tourney HQ over at Team Speed Kills, but we'll have more updates here also.

You want stats? Bill Connelly breaks them down in ways that are still being invented. Here's his recap on the current state of college football analytics based on the most recent Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

Uh, yeah, good luck with that. SEC officiating coordinator Steve Shaw said recently he hopes to "avoid battle lines" as the now-tabled 10-second rule continues to be debated. I think we're a bit past that, and you're not going to rein in a guy like Spurrier who doesn't give a damn or Bret Bielema, who seems to perversely enjoy putting his foot in his mouth repeatedly.

But of course Les Miles chimed in yesterday with the timeliest of responses.

Oh no. The stadium capacity arms race is heating up, and we're about to Texas-fy this pissing match like you wouldn't believe.