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Daily Bull 3.10.14

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Tough loss. The WBB team took on Tennessee on Saturday in the SEC tournament semifinals and the game definitely lived up to the billing. The Ags dropped a close one, but what a game.

PAWWWLLLL my children. Just any old excuse to type "PAWWWWLLL" is good, but these TV shows take it to the next level.

HE MAD. KDS and staff are being extra cautious with RSJ in spring practice, although it sounds like he's ready to go full-blast. Better safe than sorry, but you've got to admire his fire.

WAFFLE HOUSE WIRE. Your no-spin zone for breaking waffle-related news. Just one update this week, but it's a big one.

Fort Meyers AGAIN. No one was wearing maroon this time, but it certainly sounds like the duo who have already made this column twice. I think we can successfully call this a spree and give them a full waffle as they continue to baffle Florida police.

Have a great and productive Monday, all.