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Daily Bull 2.7.14

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GADGETGATE: Looks like Charlie Strong has decided to play tough guy with the "gadget program" moniker. KDS decided to play it "Coach Cool" in response:

"I'm not going to get caught up in that. It's working for us. We're not going to change. And if anything, maybe we just need to step it up a notch in that area."

Damn straight, Coach.

Hoops weekend: MBB will be trying to stretch their win streak to 2 against Georgia in Athens tomorrow. #18 WBB will host #14 LSU on Sunday, which should be a pretty solid matchup.

Crootin' wrapup: If you missed out on OrionHjarvis recapping the signing class with the SBNation main desk during the live chat on Wednesday, here's a link to the video. Cue up to the one hour, eight minute mark(ish) for the A&M segment, or watch the whole thing if you literally have no other thing to do today.

Oh, hey, Olympics. The Winter Games start tonight. Well actually, they started yesterday but we're just now getting the satellite feed because #SochiProblems amirite? SBNation has us covered here in the main W.O. hub. I think the Winter Olympics are interesting because as Hypno-Toad recently pointed out, for the most part every event is extremely dangerous: combining sub-freezing temperatures, razor-sharp footwear, colliding bodies, extremely high velocities, gravity, unforgiving solid walls, and sometimes guns. Except figure skating. That's like the gymnastics of winter (only ligaments are really at stake).

Gentlemen, only one week left until Valentine's day. Give her the gift of dance, courtesy of fellow Aggie and Super Bowl champ Michael Bennett: