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Interactive Map: 2014 SEC National Signing Day

Sure you know that Texas A&M owned the state in recruiting, but what other SEC schools nabbed Texas players? Were they offensive or defensive players? From the SEC East or West? What were they ranked? Or what about out-of-state players that A&M signed? You could hop from recruiting site to recruiting site looking it up, but sometimes it's just easier to look at a map. Good thing we made one!

For a quick rundown of what all the buttons do, look below. I tried to make it as intuitive as possible, but sometimes it's good to know what buttons do. If all else fails just start clicking* on things!


If you find something interesting, tell us about it in the comments. Have fun!

To open the interactive map if the iframe at the top is not working for you, CLICK HERE.

*The Zoom In/Out buttons are for users on a computer. If you're viewing the map on a touch device, use touch gestures for zooming.