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Who owned Texas recruiting in 2014?

Let's look at how the major universities in Texas stacked up on National Signing Day for the 2014 classes.

Scott Halleran

Texas A&M signed a monster 2014 class under head coach Kevin Sumlin, but let's see how the Aggies stacked up against other schools in Texas. One thing that immediately jumps out at you is that Texas A&M signed the fewest recruits but still had the most five- and four-star players. In fact, the Aggies signed more five-star players than the entire Big 12 combined. The data I used to create these tables were collected from the Composite Team Rankings.

State Rank Team Total 5-star 4-star 3-star Avg Points
1 Texas A&M 21 3 11 7 91.36 277.35
2 Texas 23 0 8 15 88.09 240.71
3 Baylor 28 1 3 24 85.08 216.98
4 Texas Tech 27 0 0 26 84.26 190.18
5 TCU 24 0 1 20 83.95 188.06

Now, let's take a look at individual players. I've color-coded the schools so that it's easier to evaluate how the recruiting classes compare across teams. You'll notice a lot of maroon and white clustering near the top of the list and less pleasant colors near the bottom. The table is sorted by Rating Score.

Name School Pos Status Rating
Myles Garrett Texas A&M WDE Signed 0.9992
Speedy Noil Texas A&M WR Enrolled 0.9951
Kyle Allen Texas A&M PRO Enrolled 0.9950
KD Cannon Baylor WR Signed 0.9853
Davion Hall Baylor ATH Enrolled 0.9753
Nick Harvey Texas A&M CB Signed 0.9698
Derick Roberson Texas SDE Signed 0.9675
Jerrod Heard Texas DUAL Signed 0.9653
Frank Iheanacho Texas A&M WR Signed 0.9589
Armanti Foreman Texas WR Signed 0.9448
DeShawn Washington Texas A&M DT Signed 0.9333
Qualen Cunningham Texas A&M WDE Signed 0.9289
Otaro Alaka Texas A&M OLB Signed 0.9273
Edwin Freeman Texas OLB Signed 0.9264
Varshaun Nixon TCU APB Signed 0.9229
Lorenzo Joe Texas WR Signed 0.9219
Armani Watts Texas A&M S Signed 0.9160
Donald Catalon Texas RB Signed 0.9155
Jermaine Eluemunor Texas A&M OT Enrolled 0.9144
Zaycoven Henderson Texas A&M DT Enrolled 0.9118
Terence Williams Baylor ATH Enrolled 0.9079
Avery Gennesy Texas A&M OT Enrolled 0.9069
Josh Walker Texas A&M OLB Signed 0.9068
John Bonney Texas S Signed 0.9029
Poona Ford Texas DT Signed 0.8994
T'Kevian Rockwell Baylor OLB Commit 0.8929
Jarrett Johnson Texas A&M WDE Signed 0.8916
Zach Ledwik Texas A&M OT Signed 0.8894
Foster Sawyer TCU PRO Signed 0.8891
Payton Hendrix Texas Tech S Signed 0.8866
Ishmael Zamora Baylor WR Signed 0.8834
James David Baylor ILB Commit 0.8834
Emanuel Porter TCU WR Signed 0.8833
Nigel Bethel Texas Tech CB Signed 0.8807
Patrick Mahomes Texas Tech PRO Signed 0.8807
Roderick Bernard Texas WR Signed 0.8792
Jermaine Roberts Texas CB Signed 0.8778
Jamal Jeffery Texas A&M WR Signed 0.8767
Ty Barrett TCU OT Signed 0.8767
Ian Sadler Texas Tech WR Signed 0.8748
Joshua Reynolds Texas A&M WR Enrolled 0.8746
Koda Martin Texas A&M OT Signed 0.8697
Blake Whiteley Texas TE Enrolled 0.8685
Josh Keys Texas Tech CB Enrolled 0.8675
Justin Stockton Texas Tech RB Signed 0.8672
Andrew Beck Texas ILB Enrolled 0.8665
Nick Foster TCU CB Signed 0.8660
Cameron Hampton Texas OLB Signed 0.8647
Dorian Leonard Texas WR Signed 0.8634
Terrell Cuney Texas OC Signed 0.8632
Kealvin Davis Texas A&M OT Signed 0.8631
Kenny Iloka TCU S Enrolled 0.8625
Chris Platt Baylor WR Signed 0.8601
Jarell Broxton Baylor OG Enrolled 0.8600
Frank Kee TCU OG Enrolled 0.8594
Derrick Dixon Texas Tech S Signed 0.8587
Josh Pelzel Baylor OG Signed 0.8585
Byron Daniels Texas Tech WR Signed 0.8566
Cordell Dorsey Baylor OLB Commit 0.8554
Grayson Muehlstein TCU PRO Signed 0.8550
Jakari Dillard Texas Tech WR Signed 0.8545
Jourdan Blake Baylor ATH Signed 0.8543
Dominique Robertson Texas Tech OT Signed 0.8535
Devin Lauderdale Texas Tech WR Enrolled 0.8529
Dakota Allen Texas Tech ILB Signed 0.8520
Jordan Feuerbacher Baylor TE Enrolled 0.8514
Corey McBride TCU WR Signed 0.8501
Garrett Gray Texas WR Signed 0.8495
Jake McMillon Texas SDE Signed 0.8489
Chris Nelson Texas DT Signed 0.8489
Kevin Shorter Texas ATH Signed 0.8481
Demarcus Felton Texas Tech APB Signed 0.8463
Cameron Batson Texas Tech WR Signed 0.8449
Jason Hall Texas S Signed 0.8438
Blake Blackmar Baylor OG Signed 0.8417
Rika Levi Texas Tech DT Signed 0.8416
Alex Anderson Texas OG Enrolled 0.8398
Jah'Shawn Johnson Texas Tech S Signed 0.8395
Chris Sanders Baylor CB Enrolled 0.8393
Verkedric Vaughns Baylor CB Signed 0.8392
Josh Malin Baylor SDE Signed 0.8389
D'Onta Foreman Texas RB Signed 0.8383
Torrance Mosley TCU ATH Signed 0.8382
LJ Collier TCU WDE Signed 0.8379
Nick Orr TCU S Signed 0.8377
Keland McElrath Texas Tech DT Enrolled 0.8344
Patrick Lawrence Baylor OT Signed 0.8342
Travin Howard TCU S Signed 0.8315
Xavier Jones Baylor WDE Signed 0.8311
Connor Wilson Texas Tech S Signed 0.8308
Robert Castaneda Texas Tech OG Signed 0.8307
Ryan Parker TCU WR Signed 0.8307
Ridwan Issahaku TCU CB Signed 0.8294
Tevin Madison Texas Tech CB Signed 0.8291
Devonte Jones Baylor OG Signed 0.8270
Vin Ascolese TCU ILB Signed 0.8267
Jamarcus Howard Texas Tech CB Commit 0.8263
Greg Roberts Baylor WDE Commit 0.8249
Chance Waz Baylor S Signed 0.8229
Ryan Griswold TCU OT Signed 0.8227
Donovan Wilson Texas A&M S Signed 0.8224
Austin Schlottmann TCU OT Signed 0.8220
Brandon Thorpe Texas Tech SDE Signed 0.8178
Chris Bradley TCU OLB Signed 0.8174
Elijah Rodriguez Texas OT Signed 0.8166
Justin Murphy Texas Tech OT Signed 0.8160
Jamie Jacobs Baylor WDE Signed 0.8157
Casey McDermott Vai TCU SDE Signed 0.8148
Ira Lewis Baylor DT Signed 0.8138
Michael Coley Texas Tech WR Signed 0.8115
Blake Mahon Baylor TE Signed 0.8110
Grant Campbell Baylor ILB Enrolled 0.8100
Desmon White TCU ATH Signed 0.8089
Shaquille Davis Texas Tech OT Signed 0.8056
Tion Wright Baylor CB Enrolled 0.8056
Andrew Morris Baylor DT Signed 0.8004
Stefan Beard Baylor OG Commit 0.8000
Joseph Clark Texas Tech S Commit 0.7980
Corry O'Meally TCU CB Signed 0.7959
Trey Elliott TCU OT Signed 0.7944
Marcus Smith Texas Tech DT Signed 0.7926
Ty Summers TCU ATH Signed 0.7744