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Three-Point Line: Texas A&M vs Mississippi State

The Ags return to Reed Arena for a rematch against Mississippi State. We understand if you have other plans.

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I want this day to remain a joyous occasion so today's Three-Point Line will be a truncated edition. I'll only go with two points today because my third would only be redundant.

WHO: Mississippi State Bulldogs

WHERE: Reed Arena

WHEN: 8:00pm CT


Sign of Life?

Alex Caruso stated after the Florida that the team didn't come in prepared mentally. I'll state that again. The Aggie basketball team, in the middle of a losing streak, went into Gainsville to play by far the best team they'll play all year, and they were not prepared mentally. To put it politely, that statement is pretty shocking.

Well if there's any other reason to step up one's game, it's a rematch against the squad that catalyzed the avalanche of a losing streak. The last contest, due to a series of bad bounces and missed opportunities, ended in heartbreak as the Ags lost in OT in Starkville, 81-72. Let me reiterate this. If there's ANY reason to step up one's game, it's a rematch against a team you should have beaten the first time.

>55 Points?

51, 55, 52, 36.

Those are the point totals from the last four games. It should be said that the A&M football team scored 56+ points three times this past season. It's been evident all year that the Aggies struggle on offense, but the degree of futility has gone to another level since the Vanderbilt game. Either the team has let the losing skid get to their heads or they are starting to give up on the season. Seeing some shots go down would be wonderful, but at this point I'll just settle for playing with a sense of urgency.


A&M needs to convince their fan base, and maybe themselves, that they are a product worth watching.

Mississippi State - 75, Texas A&M - 62