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Daily Bull 2.3.14

Michael Bennett, Super Bowl Champ
Michael Bennett, Super Bowl Champ
Otto Greule Jr
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SUPER. There was a football game played last night and now there are three more Aggies with Super Bowl Rings. Congrats to Red Bryant, Christine Michael, and Michael Bennett.

Nashville blues. WBB lost a close one on the road to Vandy yesterday. Recap coming along soon. The complete MBB recap from Saturday in Gainesville is also underway. gigthem08 is a saint for continuing to slog through these during this epic collapse.

Speaking of #SECBasketballFever: Team Speed Kills puts the conference's hoops woes in context by looking at tourney appearance data. Charts and graphs for those who are into that kind of thing!

Do this; don't do that, can't you read the sign? If you've got a few hundred bucks sitting around, you can now purchase in auction one of the many signs that once adorned Kyle Field. How much for the bat warnings?

Nice t-shirt, Drake. No really, you should sell these on your website or something and make millions and millions of dollars. I'm not being facetious.