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Daily Bull 2.27.14

NO! SLEEP! TILL BROOKLY- COLUMBIA! 26 weeks (0.5 years :(...) till we tee it up against the Cocks.

Kelly Lambert
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CAN'T HAVE NUTHIN'. The dude bouncy ballers got drilled in Baton Rouge last night 68-49. The team shot 30% from the field - an abysmal performance even if you're Cajun drunk. The squad returns to Reed Graduation Hall on Saturday to take on Ole Miss. NIT legend opportunities on the line!

BETTER BALLIN'. It's Senior Night for the gals this evening as they host Arkie at 7 PM. The game is on Fox Sports Southwest Plus (huh?) or you could be a good Ag and get your keister over to Reed.

RUN THE DAMN BALL. Call me old fashioned, but a team that can run the ball at will is like a warm blanket of scotch. Without #2 slinging it around the yard, perhaps we'll stretch the legs on that stable of thoroughbreds we have at running back in 2014? Our buddy Sam Khan Jr. over at the WWL examines here. Spoiler: keep an eye on Tra Carson before he runs your ass over.

ON THE ROAD. The 18th ranked baseball club is off to Fresno this weekend for their first roadie of the season. Stay tuned to GBH for analysis and coverage. Go get 'em, fellas, and say "gig 'em" to Coach DeRuyter.

Make it a big Thursday, Ags. You're #1 in the cold, dark heart of GBH.