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Good Bull Aggie Mount Rushmore: The Finals

It's finally here. The final round. Put your Aggie heroes in internet stone for all of forever.

The offseason is upon us, Ags. We can finally move on to the final round now that the collegiate career of one of our finalists has come to a close. The Good Bull Hunting Aggie Mount Rushmore is ready to be finalized. The scaffolding is up. The chisels and dynamite are loaded and ready to be carried up. The last thing we need is your votes in the final round of voting. Cast your votes below and we'll unveil the four names in a few days.

A quick recap of the semifinals. Johnny Manziel stormed past John Kimbrough and has yet to be challenged in this bracket. However, he's up against Inspector Gadget himself Coach Kevin Damn Sumlin after an easy win over RC Slocum (In before old army rants). The cinderella run of Gene Stallings was halted quickly by E King Gill, who faces the Phoenix of Aggie Basketball Mr. Acie Law fresh off a defeat of none other than Dr. Robert Gates. Von Miller blew surprise semifinalist Robert Earl Keen out of the water. Next up for Von is R. Bowen Loftin after his victory over Coach Dana X Bible. The final matchup is the first Heisman winner John David Crow after he stiff-armed Jackie Sherrill, and Dat Nguyen after a rather easy run to the finals as a 2 seed and recent victory over Bucky Richardson.

There you have it, meet your finalists below, and cast your votes. View the complete bracket here.