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Daily Bull 2.25.14

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FIRE SUMLIN HE'S AN EMBARRASSMENT. Go read this article if you enjoy reading lengthy Facebook posts from divine individuals who have never erred as teenagers. The players are currently suspended and their punishment is pending investigation, but Sumlin is weak for wanting to learn the whole story. Public humiliation for all violators would set the right tone.

Um, what?

Hot off the "BEVO BEAT": A Recruiting Debate for the Ages!

Texas A&M fans have wound themselves in knots the last few days upon discovering Texas coach Charlie Strong knows how to use Twitter — gasp! — just like their coach, Kevin Sumlin.

No, not really, actually.

Actual football stuff? Sam Khan Jr. takes a thoughtful look at Coach Sumlin's history with QB battles, since this one is going to be pretty intense. And he reminds us: don't expect to know anything until mid-August. It keeps us on our toes.

And also: a great read by TelcoAg on the somewhat confusing nature of the 12 empty seat memorial proposed for Kyle Field. There's a poll and everything so get out that vote and let us know what you think.